/What goes well with your Cloud?

Siesta Key Rum Distillary, Saratoga, Florida

Siesta Key Rum Distillery, Saratoga, Florida, Jun 2017

The advent of cloud brought a together tools, products and concepts that work very well with each other and enhance the overall experience. These tools and concepts might not be new, are not necessarily limited to Cloud and many companies might already be doing as part of their regular process
  1. Separate the compute layer and the storage layer. (Storage layer does not restrict to user data. We are also talking about run time files, shared network files in traditional models
  2. Micro-services: Split application requests into small chunks and then tie it up with an independent scale up/down. (e.g, If only name is needed, don’t request for a complete person profile)
  3. Containerize: Extract the application into a container by itself, so that it can run independently and can also be spun up along with the configurations, libraries and dependencies. (Docker, Mesos, Kubernates, etc)
  4. DevOps+CI/CD processes: DevOps is big. The merging of Development and Operations has brought together tools that help streamline activities in a better way. Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment has redefined the entire release process

Tools like Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Puppet help in automating the entire release cycle.

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